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DRL masking a motorcyclist. The Japanese Government do not mandate full power DRL ( Study - JASIC 2003)

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Updated 13 December 2010



DaDRL is a worldwide voluntary group of experienced motorists including Scientists, Engineers, Mathematicians, Lawyers and Ophthalmological experts who are supported by the leading Pedestrian, Cyclist and Motorcyclist organisations.


It is fundamentally unethical for one group of traffic participants (who are cocooned in steel caged airbag padded and crumple zone protected boxes) to try to gain an illusory safety advantage over less conspicuous more vulnerable users.

Daytime Running Lights are a violation of the Declaration of Human Rights Act.  Tragically DaDRL have real evidence that DRL do not save the EU predicted 10-15% of accidents but in reality are KILLING and INJURING EU citizens.

We urge you to contact your Member of the European Parliament to get this bad EU law annulled.
MEP's were duped into voting for DRL due to flawed studies which ignored  representations from DADRL and real world data.


Why are Daytime Running Lights dangerous?



This extract from a manufacturer's sales brochure shows that Daytime Running Lights are deliberately designed to focus light at up to 1,200cd (dipped headlights are 800cd) directly into the eyes of drivers  causing temporary blindness which masks vulnerable road users i.e. Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorcyclists

DaDRL join forces with Blinded by Xenon to campaign against all forms of glare  - see
Ireland's Road Safety Authority are proposing to introduce DRL - see DaDRL response  to Irelands DRL consultation and Write to Ride's response

DADRL Worldwide formed

DaDRL ask Guenter Verheugen Vice President of the EC and Marcin Gorzkowski Chairman of UNECE WP29 Lighting Committee to rescind the lethal Daytime Running Lights law

DaDRL ask SWOV Research Institute Director Fred Wegman to apologise to the citizens of Europe for flawed research claiming DRL save lives which misled MEP's

Also see letters to European Automobile Manufacturers Association and Association of British Insurers  and Max Moseley FIA making them legally liable for DRL fatalities

"Daytime Running Lights are pushing up car insurance premiums"
According to cheap car insurance comparison website car insurance prices have risen by around 5% in the UK during the past year, because of an increased number of accidents during daylight involving pedestrians. Most of the drivers involved claimed they never saw these victims because they were dazzled by oncoming headlights!

Austria:   since Daytime Running Lights were banned on 1 January 2008, less accidents for road users have been reported.
(When DRL were introduced into Austria during 2006/07 accidents increased by 12.2%)  

Poland: DRL have caused 6% more fatalities  more >


Contrary to representations from vulnerable road users, the EC have mandated dazzling 1,200cd Daytime Lights

 DaDRL hold the perpetrators to account:
See letters to Guenter Verheugen Vice President of the EC and Marcin Gorzkowski Chairman of UNECE WP29 Lighting Committee
The academic reports used to justify DRL have been discredited - also see DRL Studies

Austria: Parliament ban daytime running lights due to deaths of pedestrians and cyclists and motorcyclists - fatalities fall since ban more >    Voralberg Online Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) 

Ten years on - another request to Volvo Cars UK to stop importing cars with dangerous daytime headlights due to increased accidents to pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists

Swedish DRL study found spurious

Extract from:   Theeuwes J, Riemersma J. Daytime running lights as a vehicle collision countermeasure:

"The present study re-examines this evidence and shows that the reported 11% effect of DRL in the Swedish study is spurious"

The Swedish evidence reconsidered. Accid Anal Prev. 1995 ;27(5):633-642 TNO Human Factors Research Institute, Soesterberg, The Netherlands.

  DaDRL request to Volvo to desist 12 Sept 2007   Volvo refusal 21 Sept DaDRL  DaDRL issue of facts and figures 02 Oct 2007 also at  Action Centre - Vehicles

UK:  Deaths of child pedestrians in Britain rose by 13% last year and child pedal cyclists by 55% - What's New

DaDRL Poland:  The international campaign against daytime running lights spreads - new website launched

The UK Prime Minister and government are supportive of our stance against Daytime Running Lights  (view Prime Ministers response)

DaDRL Bulgaria:  Road fatalities highest ever since Daytime Running Lights introduced see What's New source

High Intensity Discharge headlights cause chromatic aberration - see Health effects of Daytime Running Lights (Health)


If the European Commission were really concerned with reducing accidents why have they not mandated:

Ø  Advanced driving tests and regular re-tests?

Ø  Eyesight tests at three year intervals?

Ø  headlights which do not cause glare and dazzle at night?

To combat the spread of dangerous DRL, an alliance has been formed comprising of UK and European pedestrians, ramblers, cyclists, motorcyclists, animal and drivers associations:


  Blinded bi Xenon -  campaign against night-time glare
  Driving Instructors Association  DIA
  The British Motorcyclists Federation
  The Motorcycle Action Group
  The Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations
  Write to Ride Northern Ireland
  Living Streets – The UK Pedestrians Association
  Federation of European Pedestrians Associations
  European Cyclists' Federation
  CTC the national cyclists' organisation
  The Ramblers Association


The decreasing trend in UK road accidents has levelled off despite advances in vehicle design. We believe a contributory factor is due to increased use of full power distracting daytime running headlights known as DRL which make vulnerable road users less conspicuous.  This website is intended to be a source of reasoned argument against Daytime Running Lights (DRL), setting out the safety, environmental and health problems, all known international pro and anti DRL studies and to promulgate a simple Solution which offers non glaring daytime running lights with minimal pollution.


DaDRL worldwide



DADRL Bulgaria

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Blinded by Xenon


This website is kindly hosted by Safespeed – a website promoting intelligent road safety at  Particularly see the charts at depicting how the annual decline in UK accidents has halted probably due to government policy of persecuting motorists instead of investing in positive safety measures such as advanced driver training and engineering improvements.